Milson Island Sport and Recreation Centre

Location Milson Island, Brooklyn, NSW, Australia
Services Building services engineering and sustainable design
Sector Lifestyle
Client Sport and Recreation, Community’s NSW
Architect Allen Jack + Cottier Architects

David Collins

T +65 3152 1468

A multipurpose sports hall which can be used as a theatre and performance area used by young children while on recreational camp. 

Natural daylight is delivered through the extensive glazing at each side of the building and the skylights throughout.  Daylight and thermal comfort modelling was performed to optimise the daylight availability, reduce discomfort glare and ensure a comfortable building throughout the year.

The wing-shape of the corrugated roof creates suction, which is used to draw hot air out of the building through roof turbines, creating an internal cooling effect.  Air is drawn into the building through low-level louvres, which run the length of the building, and over large shaded and moist river stones that enhance the cooling effect.

Rainwater is collected from the roof with debris filtered by a riverstone garden, then into an underground tank for irrigation and toilets. 

  • Master Builders National Excellence in Building and Construction Awards (2011), National Commercial/Industrial Construction Award under $5m, Winner
  • IOC/IAKS Award for Exemplary Sports and Leisure Facilities (2013), Single indoor facility for sports,  silver prize

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