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100% Design Shanghai 2013- Workshop results Share this article

Earlier this month, Cundall facilitated a workshop at 100% Design Shanghai 2013. Steven Lee and David Nguy hosted “Cool Wall workshop: Sustainable workplace of the future”.

Using Cundall’s innovative ‘Cool Wall’ workshop process they asked all attendees to identify the top ten defining elements that are likely to drive sustainable workplace of the future. 

The workshop was attended by 152 professionals involved across architectural / interior design, construction/development, suppliers, education and many more which resulted in a snap shot of cross sector priorities.

“The workshop gave everyone a chance to look back and see what has influenced sustainability in the workplace in the past” Explains Steven Lee, Shanghai Director “When we looked to the future we see a great shift in opinion in the room indicating that the industry’s outlook to sustainability has changed”

Click here to view the results.