Net zero carbon

Over the past year, we have seen a global tide of momentum with individuals, governments, local authorities and now the construction industry declaring climate emergencies and setting net zero carbon targets. This is a challenge to every part of the industry and society as a whole.

Cundall’s mission, vison and values have enabled us to be at the heart of the industry’s response. Our vision is to be “Agents of change for a sustainable world” and “Construction industry thought-leaders”. Our Sustainability Roadmap: ‘One Planet, One Chance’ commits us to address our whole carbon footprint and be a carbon neutral business by 2020 and positive by 2025. At the same time, requiring us to develop solutions for carbon positive buildings and infrastructure for our clients.


Understanding carbon and setting targets
In terms of our own carbon footprint, we have been monitoring and reporting it since 2012, when we became the first consultancy to be endorsed as a One Planet Company. We strengthened this in 2018 by becoming the only consultant to have a Science Based Target (SBT), formally endorsed by the Science Based Target Organisation across all three scopes of our emissions. This year we will be certified as carbon neutral across all scopes by the Carbon Trust, after a successful trial last year where our Australian offices became carbon neutral using the Australian Government’s Climate Active Carbon Neutral scheme.

Having been through these processes ourselves, we have been using our experience to help a range of clients to understand their emissions, set targets (including SBTs) and develop action plans for achieving them. This has given us an in-depth understand of carbon footprint for a range of sectors across all three scopes.

Net zero carbon companies, products and portfolios
We work with clients to develop net zero carbon strategies and roadmaps for their organisations, products, events, portfolios and individual buildings. To achieve net zero carbon, we must monitor and reduce every aspect of energy and resource consumption. Only then can we look to supply all energy from renewable sources and offset any residual emissions. This should be third party verified and disclosed on an annual basis.

Net zero carbon buildings
Cundall is working with the World and local Green Building Councils to define what a net zero carbon building is. This includes setting operational energy intensity targets as well as embodied carbon targets associated with the construction of the building over its whole life, with focus on providing a flexible, adaptable, durable design solutions. Cundall’s specialist team has contributed to the creation of a number of global whole life and embodied carbon methodologies, including for the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, the World Green Building Council, the Greater London Authority and the Hong Kong Construction Industry Council.

For further information on these services please contact:

UK/Europe: Simon Wyatt
Australia: David Clark
Asia: Cheng Wei
MENA: Richard Stratton

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Net zero carbon

We can provide the following services together or in isolation.

Corporate strategy and reporting

  • Carbon foot printing and reduction strategies
  • Science Based Targets (SBTs)
  • Carbon neutral certification
  • Supply chain charters and procurement strategies
  • Carbon offsetting strategies
  • Climate change risk reporting

Portfolio strategies and roadmaps

  • NZC strategies and roadmaps
  • NZC roadmaps for decarbonising existing assets

Net Zero Carbon Buildings (NZCB)

  • NZCB strategies
  • Passivhaus accreditation and certification
  • Design for Performance (DfP)
  • Upfront embodied carbon assessments
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Sustainability frameworks

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Sustainability Roadmap - One Planet, One Chance

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Our people sit at the very heart of what we do at Cundall. Our mission is to provide great opportunities for great people, create fantastic built environments and leave a positive legacy for our communities.

It is the knowledge and expertise of our people which helps us to do this; our commitment to recruiting and nurturing great talent is what has made us successful for the last 40 years and it remains critical to our future plans.

At Cundall, we place special importance on our early careers professionals (graduates, apprentices, interns and more), understanding that they are the future of our business and the key to our long-term, sustainable growth. 

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