Data Centre Infrastructure Management (DCIM)

If you do not measure, you cannot manage.

DCIM software has the potential to reduce energy consumption and reduce the management overhead associated with planning the deployment of new IT systems within existing data centres. It provides a more granular approach to data centre energy management and potentially unites the IT and Facilities view. However, it requires considerable investment in the software, configuration, process change and population of the IT equipment data base.

Cundall can help you to implement DCIM in the following ways:

Strategic - We can help you to develop a business case for investment in DCIM
Tactical - We can help you to scope and specify a DCIM system, obtain tenders from DCIM software suppliers and select the proposals that have the best match to your requirements.
Operational - We can survey your existing data centre, rack-by-rack and shelf-by-shelf to populate a DCIM with accurate data.

  • Reduce energy consumption
  • Optimise return on existing investment
  • Reduce operations management costs
  • Reduce risk (most down time is a result of human error)
  • Improve accuracy of scenario planning

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