CDM consultancy

Cundall’s team of construction, design and management (CDM) consultants have extensive experience in providing health and safety management across all sectors of the property and construction industry.

We will identify hazards at an early stage so they can be eliminated or reduced at the design or planning stage, and properly manage any remaining risk. To facilitate this dialogue, we will act as a liaison between the design team members. 

In the UK, a CDM consultant needs to be appointed on projects that have more than one contractor. All of Cundall’s CDM consultants are registered members of the Association for Project Safety and can help with the necessary duties to ensure your project meets the regulatory requirements.

Warren Dodds

T +44 (0)191 213 4521

1. Plan, manage and monitor the pre-construction phase to ensure that the project is carried out without risks to health or safety of;
 - The contractor
 - The user, cleaners and maintainers
 - The future demolishers
2. Assist the client with their duties
3. Provide pre-construction information
4. Assist the principal contractor in the construction phase
5. Prepare and continue to update the Health and Safety file