Air quality

Cundall's air quality team has experience in all aspects of air quality covering the whole project life-cycle from pre-planning and detailed design to post-planning. 


Our integrated air quality services allow us to establish current and future ambient (outdoor) air quality impacts and exposure, specify and evaluate appropriate mitigation controls, and measure and manage indoor air quality to meet health and wellbeing requirements.

We adopt a proportional and pragmatic approach to assessment by ensuring the scope of work for each project comprise all the necessary elements that allow regulators to reach robust decisions in support of our schemes. Our assessments build incrementally to ensure we demonstrate with increasing confidence that our findings are robust and the conclusions and recommendations we make supporting our schemes are transparent, reliable and dependable. This approach delivers the right findings quickly ensuring our clients only pay for what they need.

Where necessary, we support our assessment process with comprehensive air quality monitoring services, which is used to establish baseline environmental conditions, confirm standards are being achieved, verify modelling results and conduct post-scheme auditing.

We exceed our clients’ expectations by continually advising them at each assessment stage of the potential outcomes and implications to the project; this way we ensure they don’t receive any surprises. Our clients remain appraised of the increasing importance of our assessment findings, which allows them to make informed decisions regarding the evolution of the project. This enables early cross-party engagement that minimises any delays to the programme and ultimately provides project cost savings.

Our aim is always to create better environments, whether that is by improving occupant exposure or ensuring our solutions have positive effects on the external and internal environments. All our specialists are actively involved in the industry and are recognised full members of the Institute of Air Quality Management (IAQM) and Institution of Environmental Science (IES).

Glyn Hodgkiss

T +44 (0)121 262 2720

  • Air quality monitoring for pollutants, dust and odour 
  • Detailed dispersion modelling
  • Construction dust assessments, monitoring and management plans
  • Review of legislation, planning policy and guidance
  • Compilation of emissions inventories (road traffic emission, rail, industrial, commercial and domestic heating and cooling)  
  • Ecological assessments (effects of pollutants, dust and secondary deposition)
  • Indoor air quality (including BREEAM, workplace assessment)
  • Odour modelling, monitoring / sniff testing
  • Human Health Risk Assessment (HHRA)
  • Development of Mitigation measures and Low Emission Strategies
  • Monetary valuation / damage cost calculations
  • Local air quality management (LAQM) support services
  • Due Diligence Acquisition Support
  • Environmental Permitting Support
  • Corporate Air Quality Strategy Development
  • Development of Indoor Ventilation Strategies



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