Wellcome Trust, Cornerstone project

Location London, United Kingdom
Services Building services engineering and sustainable design
Sector Workplace
Client Wellcome Trust
Architect Hopkins Architect
Photography © Nick Gutteridge

Tomás Neeson

T +44 (0)191 213 1515

Cundall was appointed on the Wellcome Trust Cornerstone project to provide low-energy building services and environmental designs for its new 28,000m2 flagship headquarters in central London. The building's striking appearance is in part due to the extensive glazing and the fact that only the western façade has a solar control coating; all other facades have low-emissivity (low-e) glazing. This has resulted in highly transparent facades and good daylighting without compromising occupant comfort.

In terms of performance and energy consumption, the Wellcome Trust headquarters is capable of consuming considerably less energy than comparable office buildings. The building was designed under the 1995 Building Regulations and it is anticipated that it will still comply with the 2011 Regulations. Using advanced simulation tools, Cundall was able to combine a number of innovative energy-efficient design techniques, including:

  • Externally ventilated façade glazing, which allows maximum daylight penetration and views, while limiting heat loss, solar gain and reducing noise transmission
  • Low-level air supply and chilled ceilings minimising energy consumption
  • The removal of heat gains through the south-facing atrium roof using the return air from the office areas. The atrium is also used as the building’s return air path, avoiding the need for ductwork systems. In the mid-season and winter, heat from the returning air can be recovered, which substantially reduces the amount of heating energy required
  • Building Services Awards (2006), Regional RIBA Architecture, winner
  • Building Services Awards (2006), Ken Cheshire Memorial Award for Best Office and Major Project, winner
  • British Council for Offices Awards (2006), Corporate London, winner