Triptych Tower

Location Melbourne, VIC, Australia
Services Sustainable design 
Sector Residential
Client Stable Property Group
Architect Nettleton Tribe Architects
Imagery © Stable Property Group/Andrew Ashton

Hannah Morton

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For Triptych, one of the foundation principles is responsible, sustainable development. This new 29-storey, three hundred apartment tower located within Melbourne's Arts Precinct, emphasis was on reducing energy consumption and water usage and using low emission materials.

The atrium spaces within Triptych introduce high levels of fresh air and daylight deep into the centre of the building. They were designed to work passively to provide a tempered environment, which is warmer than the outside in winter and cooler than the outside in summer but does not require expensive air conditioning generating high body corporate energy and maintenance costs. Openings in the façade of the atrium and at the adjacent end of the corridor are automatically controlled by a series of smart, yet simple, control systems that sample the temperature and wind speeds internally and externally and then open a series of windows automatically.

Rainwater is collected from the roof level and the level 6 podium and stored in two large rainwater storage tanks. All waste water that usually goes down the drains when the sprinklers are tested weekly is also captured and stored in the rainwater tanks. This recycled water contributes to the irrigation system, the swimming pool top up and supplements the buildings cooling tower. Other water conservation strategies include high water efficiency taps, shower heads, WC and dishwashers throughout.

The building adopts a co-generation strategy, providing an energy efficient way to generate electricity and heating for the building and considerably reducing the associated carbon emissions. It utilises a micro, gas fired turbine to generate electricity, recycle waste product and heat the building. The electricity generated contributes to the base building electricity supply for lifts, common area lighting and ventilation and the recycled heat contributes to the pool heating, atrium heating and the domestic hot water supply. The building also features a series of vertical wall gardens that contain plants that can thrive in the indoor environment, which will assist in cooling incoming air and filtering toxins, thereby improving air quality. The Green Wall has a fully integrated hydroponic watering system that supports the attached vegetated panels.

  • National Innovation and Excellence Awards, 2012, The Village Building Award for Best Residential Development
  • Urban Development Institute of Australia Awards - Victoria, 2011, High Density Development
  • Urban Development Institute of Australia Awards - Victoria, 2011, Environmental Award


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