Sydney Airport Terminal 1

Location Sydney, Australia 
Services Sustainable design 
Sector Aviation, Infrastructure, Lifestyle, Retail 
Client Sydney Airport Corporation
Architect Woodhead
Imagery © Richard Glover

David Collins

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Cundall provided ESD consultancy and building services concept design for Sydney Airport Terminal 1 redevelopment.  The design provides excellent levels of indoor environmental quality and energy efficiency for Australia’s busiest airport terminals.

The departures terminal includes one of Australia’s largest internal atria to deliver natural light to all concourse levels, while also providing shading with carefully engineered blades.  The large louver blades are designed to provide as much natural light as possible while minimising the amount of direct sunlight that interfaces with retail and food and beverage tenancies, yet also reducing the need for artificial lighting in the daytime.

The development includes recycled steel, recycled content of cement and aggregate as well as reused timber and straw bale partitioning, low VOC paints, carpets and sealants. 

The atrium is kept cool through low level displacement air ventilation, cooling the people within the space and not the entire space. This solution provides a 30% energy reduction in air conditioning costs.

The airport features water efficient fittings and fixtures to minimise potable water use. Rainwater capture was omitted from the design due to the high levels of filtration required for jet fuel, oil and other external activities.