Stara Mennica

Location Warsaw, Poland
Services Sustainable design
Sector Mixed-use (workplace, retail and lifestyle)
Client Mennica Polska S.A
Architect JEMS

Wojtek Stec

T +48 79 4723 840

The proposal was to relocate the existing Mint factory from its original location in the center of Warsaw and regenerate the site to construct the mixed office and commercial development. The proposal included a number of office blocks up to 130m high located around the central courtyard with retail and restaurant units located on the first two floors. Courtyard covers car park located on three levels in the basement for approximately 469 cars. The total area of the development exceeds 100,000m².

The scope of works included a LEED consultation, administration of the certification process and specialist expertise’s such as energy use optimisation and simulations.

The goal for the development was to achieve a LEED 'Gold' rating and the major elements proposed to achieve that included:

  • Optimised glazing to ensure good solar protection to maximize access of daylighting and minimize heat losses
  • Cycling provisions
  • Enhanced water management
  • Maximising green areas and view of the sky
  • Ensuring high level and controllability of the comfort and lighting level
  • Use of solar hot water collectors and PV panels