Location London, United Kingdom
Services Building services engineering, health and wellbeing
Sector Lifestyle
Client Re:mind
Architect Oliver Heath Design

Simon Wyatt

T +44 (0)20 7438 1600

Cundall was approached by Oliver Heath Design to support in the design of Re:mind; London’s first meditation studio. Health and wellbeing was at the heart of the project creating a bright, airy and calm sanatorium in the heart of the city.

The studio which has a yoga/meditation room, retail space and tea tasting area is designed to give stressed out Londoners a moment to breath. Biophilic design has been incorporated alongside guidelines from the WELL Building Standard to truly create a healthy space, with good air quality, high levels of natural light and an increased connection to nature. Even brief exposure to nature and natural stimuli has been shown to have positive effects on a person’s heart rate, blood pressure and sympathetic nervous system.

The studio consists of bright surfaces to maximise daylight penetration, doors made from reclaimed, chemical free wood and a ventilation system which cleanses the rooms of pollutants from the capital’s busy streets. Every element of the fit-out was key to the success of the project.

In order to maintain a low environmental impact, reclaimed elements have been incorporated into other parts of the design. Throughout the space the use of low VOC (volatile organic compounds) has been prioritised within materials and finishes, helping to maintain good air quality. The finishes were selected to stand-up to the use of low VOC cleaning products – often cleaning products such as bleach are the main culprit in raising the level of VOC’s within a building.

The key focal point of the studio is the extensive living wall, which is not only visually impressive but also naturally filters the air.

Cundall used the principles from the WELL Building standard and FitWel to enhance the design, creating a toxic-free space for busy Londoners to breathe freely and relax.