Quins Redevelopment, Port Adelaide

Location Adelaide, Australia 
Services Sustainable design 
Sector Workplace 
Client Acdev Property Developers 
Architect Hames Sharley
Imagery © Hames Sharley

Nick Stokoe

T +61 08 8419 2715

The Sustainable Redevelopment of 87-91 St. Vincent Street, Port Adelaide. Aiming to be Australia’s first office building that goes beyond carbon neutral, the former Quins Marine Building Redevelopment will deliver a new benchmark in sustainable office space with an ‘energy positive’ outcome.

Situated in the heart of Port Adelaide, the Quins Marine Building previously served as a marine equipment sales and service centre. Purchased by Melbourne property developer Acdev in 2008, an intelligent adaptive reuse plan for the site was implemented with the end result being a boutique office building which generates more green energy on site than it draws from the grid.

The Quins Redevelopment utilises highly efficient ceramic fuel cells connected in series to generate green electricity on site. The fuel cell system is supplemented by a 22kW solar photovoltaic array which provides additional green energy to the extent that the emissions savings associated with the solar PV array offsets the emissions attributed to the natural gas consumed by the fuel cells. When the building’s energy demand is less than that provided by the fuel cells and solar PV array combined, the excess energy is fed back into the grid. The predicted annual energy demand of the site is less than the combined capacity of the fuel cells and solar PV array which gives rise to an energy positive outcome (generating more green energy than the its entire demand) and a beyond carbon neutral outcome (the local grid becomes greener as a result).

The redevelopment was awarded both Green Building Funding and top up funding from the Sustainability and Climate Change Division of the South Australian State Department of the Premier and Cabinet.