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Possible Worldwide, The Johnson Building

Location London, United Kingdom
Services Building services engineering and IT
Sector Workplace 
Client Possible Worldwide
Architect BDG Architecture + Design
Imagery © Michael Jones

Kevin Hayes

T +44 (0)20 7438 1600

Possible Worldwide joined Grey Global in occupying 1150m² of office space within the Johnson Building.  The move followed the merger of Possible Worldwide and Fortune Cookie Worldwide and provided a global digital agency service with 27 worldwide offices with locations including Europe, Middle East, Asia, Australia and the USA. The interior principles from the outset were driven through from the CEO, and captured the creative essence and business operational needs of the agency.

The new working environment allowed integrated working of the two previous companies with Fortune Cookie incorporated within Possible Worldwide. The space encouraged integration, focused collaboration between the different teams/disciplines and flexibility, to allow dynamic, flexible working and also consider future adaptation of the space.

The open plan approach was crucial to Possible Worldwide, as it allowed strategic planning, analytics and optimisation, content development, interactive advertising and user experience development across the groups, which was all aided by high end media and integrated AV solutions. Production areas included model making facilities which required special attention on the cooling and ventilation systems.

All environmental aspirations were delivered within the base build displacement ventilation system, which was modelled to account of the high population as usage of the space. This involved detailed analysis of population trends and strategies to deal with hot desking operatives.

Along with pitch rooms, edit suites areas and localised communications rooms, the new environment successfully reflected the new agenecy image and business aspirations as market leaders in their sector.

Possible Worldwide are part of the global marketing/advertising company WPP Group and as part of their relocation to the Johnson Building, detailed negotiation with the landlord were necessary to facilitate a number of the modifications.