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Mark Moran at Vaucluse Aged Care Development

Location Vaucluse, NSW
Services Sustainable design
Sector Residential
Client Mark Moran
Architect Marchese Partners
Imagery © Marchese Partners

Hannah Morton

T +61 2 8424 7000

Constructed on a former school site which overlooks the ocean, Mark Moran Vaucluse is destined to become the leading and most innovative Aged Care and Seniors Living Facility in Australia.  

Extensive analysis and modelling has been conducted in order to ensure that the site’s requirements can be met for energy, water and thermal performance, by first reducing or avoiding demand as much as possible, then selecting the most appropriate systems and services to meet those demands efficiently.

The development will comprise of 14 serviced self care dwellings and a 227 suite residential care facility.  Residents will have access to a range of on-site facilities, including: dining facilities, a swimming pool, gym, cinema, library, beauty salon, and Wellness Centre. It features a large atrium which will bring natural daylight to the building whilst connecting the floors.

The following design features have been incorporated into the building design in order to reduce heating and cooling loads:

  • Horizontal fixed overhangs and shading elements provided to north-western and western elevations to reject excessive heat gains. The slab edge protrudes 800m past the façade to provide shading, in combination with a horizontal light shelf which further blocks out unwanted solar gains;
  • Very high-performance glazing including a combination of low-e double glazing and low-e laminates;
  • Skylights will have effective angled external louvre shading to control solar loads while still providing daylight to the levels below;
  • Light wells are provided to allow daylight penetration to the interior zones of the building and thereby improve amenity and reduce reliance on artificial lighting;
  • An automated shading screen is incorporated into the atrium façade, which is programmed to track the sun and position itself at the correct angle to reject solar heat gains
  • Insulation of walls, flows and ceilings to minimise heat transfer;
  • Ventilation openings for natural ventilation when external conditions are suitable.

Water savings will be achieved by water saving fittings, fixtures and appliances, and rainwater harvesting for landscape irrigation and toilet flushing, as well as low water-use plant species.