Luton Academies

Location Luton, United Kingdom 
Services Building services engineering, sustainable design and building automation 
Sector Education 
Client Barnfield College 
Architect Architecture PLB & Perkins Ogden 
Imagery © Timothy Soar

Rob van Zyl

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Completed in 2011, Barnfield West Academy and Barnfield South Academy are new flagship institutions that are part of Luton’s BSF programme. The academies were designed to accommodate 1250 pupils and 200 staff and have achieved an EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) ratings of 'A'.

The principle that underpins the environmental design of the facilities is that the building fabric acts as a moderator of the external climate. The heating, ventilation and lighting installations deal with the reduced demands of the moderated internal climate. The buildings and their engineering systems are designed as a single entity, creating a satisfactory working environment with minimum expenditure of energy.

Extensibility was built in, so that future systems and functions could be introduced in a cost effective manner. Cundall ensured that all sustainability, energy and environmental assessments met the current requirements to provide a 60% reduction in Carbon emissions over Part L 2002 levels. A range of energy efficiency and renewable energy platforms were integrated within the building designs to that end. 

Cundall’s team provided an integrated building automation design, operating over the client's infrastructure communications technology network, encompassing: HVAC, energy management systems, lighting control, access control, security, and fire detection and alarm. The client therefore benefits from a seamless system that features:

  • Natural ventilation to all classrooms
  • A fully integrated ICT solution combining all data, communications, BMS, CCTV, Security and Access Controls onto a single building wide system
  • A simple to use, web-based supervisory graphical interface, providing information across all systems through non-technical graphics designed to be used by the building operator
  • Fire alarm break glass unit is activated, all associated doors are unlocked, lighting levels are maximised, digital video recording is activated throughout and the local digital video camera is positioned at the alarm source
  • Access control unit is tampered or forced, lighting levels are maximised, digital video recording is activated throughout and the local digital video camera is positioned at the alarm source
  • Time schedule and occupation based lighting and HVAC control

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