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Leichhardt Council Energy Saving Action Plan

Location Sydney, NSW
Services Building performance services
Sector Government
Client Leichhardt Council

David Collins

T +65 3152 1468

In 2012, Leichhardt Council became the second council in NSW to achieve carbon neutrality. Cundall was appointed to produce an Energy Management Plan to be incorporated into the Leichhardt Council Climate Change Strategy. 

This involved auditing the Council’s top 10 energy using sites and providing them with an action plan to reduce the carbon that was currently being offset whilst achieving a financially viable solution. The ten buildings varied considerably in size, function and age. They included an aquatic centre, town hall, street lighting, community centre and library. The audits looked at the current green house emissions and potential ways to reduce these.

The plan set out goals, objectives, targets and actions and allowed the council to easily recognise priorities and make informed decisions. This plan also took into consideration the Council's wider sustainability strategy as well as reviewing previous strategies to identify those which were a success and those that had not achieve the expected results.

Initiatives were outlined to set up Council facilities with energy efficient and renewable energy sources. This included a large number of solar panels being installed across Council facilities, including at Leichhardt Town Hall and Balmain Library. A cogeneration plant is being constructed at Leichhardt Park Aquatic Centre – Council’s largest consumer of electricity. This cogeneration plant uses waste heat to generate electricity.