Hong Kong Science Park, Phase 3

Location Hong Kong
Services Sustainable design, BEAM and LEED consultancy
Sector R&D and Workplace (Office and Laboratory)
Client Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation
Architect Simon Kwan & Associates

Julian Bott

T +61 473 557 359

Cundall was appointed as BEAM, LEED and sustainability consultant for the project of Science Park Phase 3, which has achieved a LEED v2009 Platinum rating and aiming to achieve a HK BEAM Plus Platinum rating. The 'Back to Basic' design approach was adopted, incorporating cost effective and functional green building design concepts, stepping away from services overprovision using passive devices and avoiding over-complicated systems.

The development creates a sustainable working environment, encouraging cultural change, with a 'green education programme' consisting of a guided tour including a smartphone app to showcase the building design, its features and its measured performance to influence visitors and tenants.

The buildings' courtyard atriums allow for daylight diffusion as well as for natural cross-ventilation. Energy efficient envelopes for the buildings include: the insulated west façade, insulated green roof, optimised window areas, the highly insulated spandrel area and use of double-low-E glazing. The site boasts an extensive green landscape that covers 40% of the site. A weather-control low pressure drip irrigation system featured in the design, which should result in potable water efficiency.

The masterplan and the buildings are designed to target best performance in:

  • Energy - Target to achieve at least 40% reduction against EMSD typical office benchmark, 100% EV charger parking spaces, natural ventilated car park, 1% of whole development energy consumption to be provided by renewable energy
  • Water - 44% reduction in potable water consumption against BEAM Baseline, 50% reduction in effluent discharge against LEED and BEAM Baseline, Rainwater harvest and condensate collection for irrigation system, Zero potable water for Irrigation (LEED - July Baseline)
  • Outdoor quality - at least 40% planting of site area including soft landscape, water features, green deck, covered walkways and linked bridges
  • Material use - 27% of Recycled Content, 64% Regional Material, 100% of timber to be FSC and 100% low VOC paints, coatings, adhesives and sealants
  • Waste - 63% reduction of construction waste, automatic refuse collection system provide for separation of paper waste
  • Community and Connectivity - new public transport interchange, extensive tenant shuttle bus services, outdoor event plaza, well connected cycling route with secured bicycle storage and shower facilities, green educational tour and public energy performance display system
  • Quality Build Awards (2016), Grand Award winner
  • RICS Hong Kong Awards (2015), Sustainability Achievement of the Year
  • Hong Kong Green Building Award (2014), Completed Building Category, Grand Award winner
  • Hong Kong Green Building Award (2012), Building Project under Design, Grand Award winner