Government Buildings CCTV Upgrade

Location Dublin, Ireland  
Services Mechanical and electrical services engineering
Sector Government
Client Office of Public Works 

Derry Kearney

T +353 1513 7127

Since 1922, Leinster House in Dublin has served as the parliament building of the Republic of Ireland, before which it functioned as the headquarters of the Royal Dublin Society. Leinster House was originally the ducal palace of the Dukes of Leinster. Today, the sole and exclusive power of making laws is vested in the Oireachtas, subject to the obligations of Community membership, as provided for in the Constitution.

By defining security requirements at an early stage, our solutions are not only more innovative and cost-effective, but also influenced the design process to create a safer and more secure environment for this complex.
Key security objectives included; keeping people safe, protecting government assets (e.g. property and data), and maintaining operations continuity (in the event of a security incident).
We ensured that the security solutions were realistic, cost-effective and ensured that they operationally manage the security of their business.
We worked alongside the OPW and An Garda Síochána to design and specify an IP based system to replace the original analogue CCTV. The use of IP CCTV cameras powered over the data cable enables the complete system to be powered from secure supplies that are not affected by local electrical maintenance work.
The IP CCTV cameras provide higher resolution images at multiple frame rates providing improved surveillance and economical storage. The latest technology enables An Garda Síochána to monitor multiple areas and to respond to incidents in a consistent scripted manner with each action logged for future analysis. 
The scope of the works included the following: 
  • Upgrade of the perimeter CCTV Systems 
  • Refurbishment of existing Control  room 
  • Works in the Army Control Room 
  • Formation of temporary Control 
  • Room to facilitate the above 
  • All associated Internal and external building works.