Location London, United Kingdom 
Services Building services engineering and lighting design
Sector Workplace 
Client Wainbridge
Architect John Robertson Architects
Imagery © Wainbridge FC200 Limited/ACDC Lighting

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Construction of the original building started in 2009, the owner had financial problems but the structure and façade were completed and the building made watertight.

Cundall's involvement was to design the whole of the building services, including all the main plant and equipment, all the landlord and external areas, including the reception areas, and a full Cat A installation for the ground and top floors, the other floors being left as shell and core.

The building design criteria was reviewed and upgraded in terms of occupancy for ventilation and cooling loads. In addition, we were appointed as Architectural Lighting specialists to design the external façade lighting and the specialist lighting for the internal atrium and core spaces. The façade is predominantly glazed, but interrupted with a pattern of solid vertical sections. The internal office and atrium walls are predominantly floor to ceiling glazing with coloured glass spandrel panels.

The brief for the external façade was to create an identity for the building. Additionally, the façade lighting needed to make the building location clear for those travelling by train or tube.

The existing external lighting included flood lights at ground level to light the whole of the façade with in-ground lights to highlight the entrance. The new external lighting took the approach to specifically light the vertical solid elements of the façade whilst leaving the windows and window frames unlit. The benefits included :

  • a stronger and defined lighting pattern and identity for the building
  • a lower energy consumption as the lights were placed closer to the lit surfaces
  • significantly less spill light into the night sky
  • no light spill into the office spaces
  • The internal atrium lighting consisted of 4m high street lights and high level spot lights. The resulting effect was a very flat lighting scheme with a feeling that the only purpose was to pass through the space.
  • The new lighting design identified the key spaces and touchdown points, e.g. the reception, the waiting area and main staircase.
  • These areas were lit independently of one another with only minimal ambient lighting to the remaining areas.
  • The result is a space where the eye is directed first to the reception desk, then to the waiting area before finally identifying the core staircase and the route to the office space.

Please click here to view the architectural lighting design profile for FC200.

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