Coca-Cola Place

Location North Sydney, Australia
Services Sustainable design 
Sector Workplace 
Client Thiess
Architect Rice Daubney
Imagery © Investa Property Group

Hannah Morton

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Formerly known as The Ark, Coca-Cola Place in Sydney was a 28,500m2 A+ commercial office development. With Cundall as the ESD consultant, the scheme was the first commercial high-rise building to achieve a '6 Star' Green Star V2 As-Built [rating].

The design featured a number of potable water reduction initiatives, including the collection of approximately 10,000l of grey water for re-use for toilet flushing. Initiatives such as these have resulted in a 55% reduction of potable water use for cisterns, a 30% reduction of flow to sewer, and 100% recycled water for non potable use.

A tri-generation plant was installed, with a 750kva gas-fired generator system for the building power supply. The system is also an integral part of the building services where the tri-generation plant output heating cooling loads provide energy to the mechanical system. When running at full capacity, it provides 770 kWe of power to the base building and 650kWr of cooling to the air conditioning system.

T5 lighting reduces energy use and provides natural day-like light. The lighting was designed to meet a 400 lux level. The windows on three sides and a side core also allow for maximum natural light flow into the workspace.

Sustainable transport design was also incorporated. There are now charging bays for hybrid/electric cars in the car park, which can utilise the energy generated by the tri-generation plant while the driver is in the building. This both reduced petrol consumption and minimised reliance on the grid for electric charging. In addition, 228 bicycle racks, 196 half lockers and 20 showers were installed.

  • PCA Best Sustainable Development in Australia (2011), New Buildings, Baulderstone Award
  • PCA  NSW Development of the Year (2011), Innovation and Excellence Award
  • Urban Taskforce Development Excellence Awards (2010), Development of the Year
  • Australian Property Institute NSW Excellence in Property Awards (2011), Environmental Development Award
  • Master Builders Association NSW (2011), Excellence in Energy Efficiency
  • Master Builders Association NSW (2011), Best Use of Glass

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