Chengdu Creative Centre

Location Chengdu, China
Services Sustainable Masterplanning
Sector Mixed-use (retail, workplace, lifestyle and residential)
Client Broadway Malyan
Architect Broadway Malyan
Imagery © Broadway Malyan


The Chengdu Creative Centre is a 400MU (approx. 270,000m²) mixed used retail, residential, commercial and lifestyle hub located south of Chengdu outside the third ring. The masterplan features a range of sustainable planning strategies including an energy centre, district systems and lake heat rejection.

Working together with Broadway Malyan, Cundall helped develop and integrate sustainable planning strategies for energy, water, waste management and transport. Some of the key features of the development included:

  • Combined Heat and Power (CHP) district systems with central energy plant with education centre
  • City wide pneumatic waste disposal and separation. This is complemented by waste to fuel energy technology, which would be used by the energy centre to produce energy for the development
  • District wide non-fossil fuelled public transport
  • District wide wastewater recycling and reuse
  • Manmade lake for heat rejection and lifestyle activities

In addition to the above, Cundall also provided district wide urban comfort analysis, which assisted with producing a masterplan responsive to its local climate.

Cundall also played a key role in the optimisation of the facade for the landmark tower which features a unique concave shape. Through complex CFD analysis, the landmark tower was engineered to its final shape which reduces high wind velocities and promote urban comfort across the main pedestrian hub below.