Burgess Park BMX track

Location Southwark, London
Services Civil and geotechnical engineering
Sector Lifestyle
Client Southwark Council
Landscape Architect LDA Design

Gary Marshall

T +44 (0)191 213 1515

Cundall was commissioned by LDA Design (Landscape Architects) to advise on the civil engineering and geotechnical aspects of a national standard BMX Track located in Burgess Park, Southwark. The site includes a 400m long national standard BMX track, a BMX maintenance workshop, starter box and landscaping to allow for spectators at national events. 

The existing site required soil remediation in order to ensure the end user is safe from contamination in the soils previously found around other parts of the park.

Cundall’s geotechnical team worked closely with the LDA Design and the civil engineering team to ensure an appropriate remediation strategy could  be achieved to the satisfaction of the Local Authority.  This entailed commissioning and managing of the ground investigation works on the site in order to assess the severity of the contamination.    The remediation strategy enabled the soils to be suitably contained and reused within site in accordance with British Standards with no need for material to be removed and disposed of from the site. 

The civil engineering team worked closely with LDA Design in developing the landscape scheme by undertaking the cut and fill analysis of the new site along with the design of the below ground drainage system and external works to the site.  Clark & Kent were commissioned as the specialist track designers who also worked on the London Olympic Games track.  The finished track profile was key to the track’s success and this was achieved by a detailed cut and fill analysis carried out by the civil engineering team in conjunction with Clark & Kent’s track design.  The site incorporates Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SUDS) within the below ground drainage system with swales featuring heavily around the track and soft landscaping areas.  This helps achieve a reduced rate of surface water run-off from the site as well as enhancing the water quality.

The track was officially opened in August 2013 and is open to the general public.