BMI Heathrow One

Location London, United Kingdom
Services Lighting design
Sector Aviation, Lifestyle
Client BMI
Architect Gebbler Tooth & Honour Branding

Andrew Bissell

T +44 (0)161 244 5660

The design intent for the BMI lounge was to create a home from home. The area was divided to provide a welcome hall, lounge, kitchen, dining area, study, restaurant and a bar.

The lighting played a key role in delivering the brand and the interior architecture. The lamp colour was selected based on the use of the space, e.g. warm for the bar, crisp white for the kitchen and study etc. The style of the lighting was selected to suit the mood and recreate the homely feel.

The area for relaxing made use of the bio-dynamic lighting where the coffers were lit using warm white to cool blue LEDs to simulate the colour of the daylit sky. The space feels bright and vibrant during the day and relaxed, calm and warm in the evening.

All of the light sources are low energy and long life type. No tungsten lamps were used, this is to reduce maintenance and energy consumption. Reducing maintenance was critical given the executive lounge is airside. 

Please click here to view the architectural lighting design profile for BMI Heathrow One.