BAE Systems Manufacturing Facility

Location Newcastle, United Kingdom
Services Civil, structural and geotechnical engineering, CDM coordination and transportation
Sector Industrial
Client BAE Systems
Architect Archial Group 
Imagery © Bowmer and Kirkland

Gary Marshall

T +44 (0)191 213 1515

The new 30,000m2 manufacturing facility for BAE Systems sees the replacement of the existing First World War facility to provide employees with a modern, safer, highly automated, energy-efficient and flexible place of work.

The new site features a modern 250-tonne forge run, designed with very specific requirements from the German supplier, Schuler. Cundall and Schuler had several meetings which resulted in Cundall needing to design bespoke foundations. The special foundations, which included a 5m deep pit, had plinths to support the equipment, in addition to complicated below-slab service distribution trenches.

As well as new equipment, pieces of existing machinery from BAE Systems were installed from the Birtley and Radway Green manufacturing sites. As a result of this, the civil and structural requirements had to be carefully considered for each piece of equipment. The designers visited both sites to survey each individual installation. Once the information was collated, they designed pits, special foundations, craneage structure, building services supplies, column layouts and roof heights to allow the building to function at its most efficient.

Due to the nature of the project, the whole design needed an integrated approach, incorporating architectural, structural and servicing requirements while also integrating BAE's specialist contractors and systems. This was achieved by the team's excellent levels of communication and by a collaborative approach throughout.