Asian Cookery and Kitchens upgrade, TAFE NSW

Location Ryde, NSW, Australia
Services Building services engineering and sustainable design
Sector Education 
Architect Gran Associates
Imagery © Tyrone Brannigan

Mohammad Ali

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The project had two main requirements. The first, to transform two traditional teaching kitchens to an Asian multi-purpose teaching kitchen for Le Cordon Bleu International Cooking School. The use of woks and steamers versus traditional ovens resulted in a much higher heat load and the need to improve the local kitchen exhaust system. 

The second was to review and overhaul the 1976 HVAC system which was at the end of its life. Ryde TAFE were keen to use the opportunity to not only replace the existing system but to create a more efficient design.

Challenges included tight design timeframe, using hand drawn 1976 as built drawings and the building remaining a functional teaching space throughout. All were overcome to create an efficient system that reduced kitchen energy consumption by 20% whilst transforming the kitchens to a world class standard.

The existing systems had one kitchen exhaust fan serving nine kitchens with make-up air and air-conditioned air provided from a multizone air handling unit (AHU). Therefore, when one kitchen operates, the entire system is operational which resulted in huge amount of energy being wasted.

Each kitchen now has been provided with individual kitchen exhaust fan and air handling unit as well as introducing compensated kitchen hoods that allows kitchen make-up air to be supplied directly into the hoods.

This solution has provided TAFE a more individualised system which allows individual spaces to be switched on/off and to minimise system energy consumption. This also provided a reduction in demand on the central chilled water system due to reduced cooling demands which in turns increasing the existing chillers life.

Collaboration with the TAFE and the contractor was essential throughout the project. The building remained operational throughout all works which was vital as the Ryde Campus is a functioning campus with high profile partnerships such as Le Cordon Bleu International Cookery School and was adjacent to other teaching buildings, therefore the teaching calendar was a key consideration in planning the works to minimise impact on service delivery. 

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