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Cundall has launched its new sustainability roadmap, One Planet, One Chance which includes far reaching targets including being a carbon positive business by 2025.

Cundall is committed to delivering positive change in the world. We have chosen key areas to focus on which align with our skills and impacts, using the One Planet Living Principles and the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to guide us.

Tomás Neeson, Managing Partner said “We all have so much more we can and need to do. Business as usual is no longer enough and therefore in 2017, Cundall embarked on a journey to create a new sustainability roadmap to increase our commitment to positive change.”

Cundall started this with a materiality review, which involved a number of internal and external stakeholders including people identified as future leaders of the business and Cundall’s current leaders, key clients across the globe and industry bodies including the UK Green Building Council, Bioregional and Forum for the Future. This process looked critically at the Cundall business, what has been  achieved and where they are going, with the aim of ensuring Cundall keep driving sustainability in the industry.

“UK Green Building Council  are delighted to have been an external reviewer during the update of Cundall’s Sustainability Strategy. Cundall are very much taking a leadership role in the services they deliver as well as their own operations, which is fantastic to see. We are particularly impressed with Cundall’s aspiration to be carbon positive as a whole business by 2025 and we hope this will encourage other consultants to follow suit.” Cat Hirst, Director of Learning & Innovation, UK Green Building Council.

A key finding of the review was to prioritise our effort to address the following priority impacts:

1. Climate Positive Action
2. Zero Carbon Energy
3. Materials and Supply Chain
4. Health and Wellbeing
5. Ethics and Equity
6. Climate Change Adaptation

The updated roadmap and action plan set out clear and very stretching targets and initiatives under these impact areas. These will be applied across their projects, their own offices, their homes and communities and through industry leadership. Cundall refer to these four areas as the cornerstones of the business.

Noteworthy targets include being a carbon positive business by 2025 and conducting Life Cycle Assessments on 95% of their projects, with initiatives including the implementation of an ethical bid no bid process, training staff to become mental health first aiders and undertaking research on climate change adaptation.

“Through our competitor analysis we are not aware of a consultancy with such a challenging strategy.  I ask our staff, our clients and our fellow designers to join us on this important journey, without collaboration these important but testing targets cannot be achieved. We only have one planet and limited time to act, this is our chance to make a positive difference.”  Neeson added.

To view the roadmap document, click here.