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International Day of Light 16 May Share this article

The International Day of Light (IDL) is a global initiative that provides an annual focal point for the continued appreciation of light and the role it plays in a variety of fields including; science, culture and communications. It will be held every year on May 16th, with 2018 being the inaugural year. 

This year, Cundall is encouraging its staff to get involved and be part of this remarkable day by asking them to take photo of anything related to light and share via social media.

Andrew Bissell, Director of Light4, commented; “Lighting is an art as well as a science. We hope this initiative will help inspire the next generation of lighters and remind others of the huge role lighting plays in their daily lives.”

The IDL Inauguration Ceremony will be taking place at UNESCO, Paris, France on 16 May. IDL has recently launched an interactive light projection to engage with people around the world. Messages using hashtag #IDL2018 will be displayed on a 3D globe as a virtual token of participation.

Find out more about what Cundall Light4 can offer here.