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If you’re not WELL, you’re sick! Share this article

Simon Wyatt,  Associate Director of Sustainability, was recently invited by the British Council for Offices to co-author a Briefing Note on the WELL Building Standard®

The Briefing Note, co-authored by Paul Phillips and Derek Clements-Croome and entitled “Health and Well-being and Offices – If you’re not WELL, you’re sick!”, provides a high level introduction to the topic of health and wellbeing in workplaces for people who are new to the subject. The paper reviews elements of both absenteeism due to illness, and the lesser discussed presenteeism – attending work when ill.

As we spend up to 90% of our time in buildings, the environments we occupy can have an enormous impact on our health. This BCO Briefing Note explores the issue of “sick building syndrome” and how poorly designed and maintained offices can negatively affect the health and wellbeing of occupiers.

To read the paper, please click here . If you would like further information on the WELL Building Standard® and how Cundall help, please click here.