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For the fifth year running, Cundall is taking part in World Green Building Week (WGBW) across our office network, taking place from the 26 September – 2 October 2016. The World Green Building Council’s theme this year is; Change Your Perspective. 

What is World Green Building Week?
World Green Building Week is the flagship event of the global green building movement - organised by the World Green Building Council and led by its network of 75 Green Building Councils and their 27,000 member companies. The week raises awareness of green buildings around the world, highlighting how they are the most effective means to achieving a range of environmental, social and economic goals, from addressing climate change to creating sustainable homes, businesses and communities – better places for people to live, work and play.

Why Cundall participates in WGBW every year
Great design is part of everything we do, we are the world’s first consultancy to be formally endorsed as a One Planet Company and we are at the forefront of health and wellbeing with our London office being one of the first projects in Europe registered to pursue the WELL Building Standard®. We are committed to providing people with the knowledge, skills and enthusiasm to make a difference in our: homes, offices, projects, industry and community. World Green Building Week is part of the action we take to share our knowledge on sustainability and health and wellbeing while aiming to make a difference in the process.

World Green Building Week 2016 theme – Change Your Perspective
There are so many interesting and often untold facts and figures that can genuinely change how people think about buildings, and specifically green building. The theme aims to get people thinking about the impact and benefits that green buildings can have on global emissions, energy, water, health and wellbeing, the economy and beyond.

Cundall’s global events: Healthy Building in Health Cities
We are hosting workshops across the world where the speakers will discuss how health and wellbeing and sustainability go hand in hand to create great buildings. In the interactive workshops, we will explore what makes a healthy building and what is currently not working in the buildings we occupy. Using WELL Building Standard® case studies that Cundall is delivering, we will then look at how health and wellbeing can be at the heart of the design across a number of sectors.

Clicks on the links below for further information on the events taking place in your location(s) and to register your interest.

Belfast: Wednesday 28 September, 5.00pm

Birmingham: Thursday 29 September, 8-10am

Doha: Wednesday 28 September, 5.30pm-8.30pm

Dubai: Full details to follow. Please email Anne,, to register your interest

Dublin: Tuesday 27 September, 8-10am and 10.30-12.30pm.

Edinburgh: Thursday 29 September, 8-10am

Hong Kong: Full details to follow. For further information contact Lucia,

London: Tuesday 27 September, 8-10am

Madrid: Thursday 27 Octobre, 9.30-11.30am

Manchester: Wednesday 28 September, 8-10am

Melbourne: Tuesday 27 September, 5.15-7.30pm

Newcastle: Tuesday 27 September, 8.15-10.15am

Perth: Thursday 29 September 5-7pm

Shanghai: Full details to follow. For further information contact Lucia,

Singapore: Full details to follow. Please email Lucia,, to register your interest

Sydney: Tuesday 27 September, 5.15-7.30pm.

Warsaw: Full details to follow. Please email Audrey,, to register your interest

26 Sep 2016

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