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Broadgate Quarter's chandelier is on the front cover of FX Magazine Issue 266, May 2016 | The leading International magazine for the interior design industry.

Cundall’s services included; Lighting design, building services, fire engineering, IT and audio visual, feasibility studies and detailed surveys of the existing building’s facilities and infrastructure.


Cundall Light4 provided a bespoke lighting design for the major refurbishment at Broadgate Quarter. The atria is by far the most impressive element of the lighting design. The key feature of the lighting design is without doubt the three 30.5m tall chandeliers which weigh in at just under 800kg each. Each circle of light on the chandelier is addressable and these have been programmed with a number of animations.


The programming of the lights is such that there is a warm sunrise and sunset animation set against a dark blue background; a rainfall animation and a fire animation. The majority of the time during office hours the lighting is white and shifts from warm white to cool white with the day.


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Find out more about the project contact: Andrew Bissell, Director Light4

Imagery: The Light Lab