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Energy Saving Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) Share this article

Find out if you qualify for ESOS and how Cundall can help.

Who does it apply to? Business that:
- Employ at least 250 people; or
- Have an annual turnover in excess of €50m and an annual balance sheet in excess of €43m

- Carry out assessment and notify the EA by 5th December 2015
- Participants must then carry out an ESOS assessment in each 4 year compliance

How to comply
As long as 90% of your total energy consumption is covered, you can use a mix of approaches which include:
- ESOS Energy Audit
- ISO 50001 certification
- Display Energy Certificates (DECs)
- Green Deal Assessments (GDAs) 

Please note that EPC's cannot be used

ESOS Energy Audits is a relatively new requirement which covers energy consumption from buildings, transport and industrial processes. The Environment Agency (EA) is the UK scheme administrator. The audit must be based on 12 months' continuous verifiable data and must identify inefficiencies/energy saving opportunities which should be reasonably practicable and cost effective to implement. There is no requirement to implement the energy saving opportunities identified.

Government established the Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme to implement Article 8 (4-6) of the EU Energy Efficiency Directive (2012/27/EU). The ESOS Regulations 2014 give effect to the scheme.

How Cundall can help?
The permanent solution is achieving accreditation under ISO 50001 which can be complicated, but in the meantime Cundall can undertake DEC assessments, ESOS Audits and ESOS Lead Auditor.

This can be a simple low cost compliance audit based on certification or a more involved audit whereby genuine cost/CO2 emissions savings are sought.

Don't ignore ESOS, fines of up to £180,000 can be repeatedly imposed.

For further information or if you would like us to come in and talk to you, contact Alan Fogarty.