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Cundall supported research project is awarded £8m grant for world’s first research hub Share this article

The University of Newcastle and Northumbria have been awarded an £8m grant from Research England’s Expanding Excellence in England fund to establish the world’s first research hub for biotechnology in the built environment.

Its aim is to create a new generation of living buildings which are responsive to the natural environment, grown using living engineered materials which process their own waste, reduce pollen, generate energy and support a biological environment that benefits health.

Gordon Reid, Structural Partner, will sit on the steering committee, which is responsible for ensuring the project meets the brief. He will use his 35+ years’ experience in structural and civil engineering, which includes an extensive understanding of university buildings to offer advice on the living hub.

Ed Wealend, Innovation and Digital Engineering Associate, will sit on the technical committee for the project. He is responsible for Research and Development at Cundall. His areas of interest cover all areas of indoor environmental quality, digital engineering, sustainability, and building performance.

Gordon Reid said “I am really looking forward to see how we can utilise microbial engineering in construction. This represents a major shift in emphasis and offers the opportunity to minimise the use of natural materials.”