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Cundall encourages Mobike use for all city-centre business travel Share this article

The Manchester office is encouraging its staff to keep fit and reduce inner-city congestion by covering the hire cost of all work-related cycle journeys using the newly launched Mobike bike share platform.  

Originating in China and launched in Manchester and Salford in June, Mobike is a dock-free bike-sharing scheme aimed at users who want to make short urban trips. The distinctive orange-wheeled and silver-frame bikes feature non-puncture airless tyres, GPS tracking and a proprietary smart-lock technology which users need to scan a QR code to unlock. Unlike London’s ‘Boris bikes’ they are dockless so can be left in any legal parking destination.

With employees working on various projects throughout the city, we have asked staff to consider using the Mobike scheme for short-distance business travel and will not only cover journey cost but also supply cycle helmets which are freely available in the office reception.

Steve Pyer, UK General Manager at Mobike says; “We are delighted about Cundall’s decision to integrate Mobike in their “One Planet Vision” corporate programme. We are committed to the same values of sharing, long-term thinking and sustainability and are confident this will be a successful partnership. Local businesses have been really supportive of Mobike since we launched – and schemes like Cundall’s are exactly the way we want Mobikes to be enjoyed and benefitted from. We’re looking forward to Cundall’s employees riding our bikes in the streets of Manchester and Salford!”

Stephen Maddocks, Partner, says; “Short-distance travel within the city is a necessary part of our day-to-day business activities and Mobike is proving to be a simple and convenient solution for our needs. By adopting Mobikes as an everyday mode of transport, employees not only save time getting to and from meetings, but also benefit by keeping fit. Air pollution and congestion in the cities where we operate is a major concern to us and we need to lead by example, not only through our clever engineering solutions and long-term thinking, but also at a more personal, human level – showing up to meetings on a bright silver and orange bike is a great conversation starter and we hope to encourage others to follow our two-wheeled approach.”

As the world’s first consultancy to be endorsed as a One Planet Company, sustainability is integral to Cundall’s approach. As part of a yearlong R&D project, Cundall has developed its own sensor and monitoring system, IEQube™, to measure air and environmental quality in its offices, whilst its new London office is the first building in the UK and Europe to achieve WELL Certification, a goal intended to put the health and wellbeing of occupants at the centre of building design.

Ola Young, Graduate Engineer / Manchester Green Team, says; “Sustainability is at the heart of our business and we are fully committed to our ‘One Planet Vision’. Mobike lets us 'practice what we preach' in a fun, active, social and economic way, showing that sustainability is not only a long-term plan for us, but something we can address one step at a time. It is a great alternative mode of travel as it is easy to join, simple to use, is healthy for the environment and can give users such a buzz.”