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Cundall is celebrating the success seen since the launch of their Sustainable Design Training Programme, the Cundall Diploma. This CPD approved course was launched in September 2016, and had an outstanding uptake of 150 staff in the first year.

This unique in-house training programme, is open to all staff regardless of discipline or level. It is designed to upskill and empower our people in sustainable design, giving participants the technical knowledge and the confidence to challenge conventional thinking and to continue to drive Cundall’s success in improving the built environment.

“The Cundall Diploma doesn’t just represent a desire to be the number one consultancy for sustainable solutions, it represents the value that we see in our people, and the investment that we are willing to make in order to further their success”, Explains Amie Shuttleworth, Head of Sustainability. “It is a significant step forwards for Cundall, and an achievement of which we are incredibly proud.”

Participants have completed the first three modules and the feedback received include:

“I found it interesting looking into some hard figures and data behind climate change, as I had only had a cursory knowledge before. There is some thought provoking information out there”

“I thought it was interesting to spend some time researching about the built environment’s contribution to the rapid change to the world’s climate”

The modules are designed to be varied with podcasts, recommended reading and tasks such as undertaking an energy audit at participants’ homes or offices. Essays, questionnaires and video submissions are part of the assessment to ensure that the participants have a thorough understanding of each subject.

By building a multi-layered review process, Cundall has included participants’ line managers as part of the programme. Not only does this boost the learning experience and help to embed the course, it also allows managers who aren’t on the course themselves to learn new things as they read and review participants’ work.

“The review team have been amazed at the high standard of work and have admitted that they have picked up a few new things along the way” adds Amie.

“Sustainable design is a huge part of who we are as a business. Whilst we’re delighted to offer such a rich and rewarding training scheme, we’re also proud of the commitment to learning, developing and growing that is shown by Cundall staff”, Matt Hart Cundall’s Learning & Development Adviser added.

For more information on the course click here.

16 May 2017

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Our people sit at the very heart of what we do at Cundall. Our mission is to provide great opportunities for great people, create fantastic built environments and leave a positive legacy for our communities.

It is the knowledge and expertise of our people which helps us to do this; our commitment to recruiting and nurturing great talent is what has made us successful for the last 40 years and it remains critical to our future plans.

At Cundall, we place special importance on our early careers professionals (graduates, apprentices, interns and more), understanding that they are the future of our business and the key to our long-term, sustainable growth. 

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