Gender Pay Gap Report 2020-2021

Whilst the publication of our first Gender Pay Gap report (in 2017) was in response to legislation in the UK, the issue of gender diversity in our business (and the wider industry) is one that we have been working for many years to address.  

Net zero carbon

We have seen a global tide of momentum with individuals, governments, local authorities and now the construction industry declaring climate emergencies and setting net zero carbon targets. This is a challenge to every part of the industry and society as a whole. Our mission, vison and values have enabled us to be at the heart of the industry's response. Our vision is to be “Agents of change for a sustainable world" and “Construction industry thought-leaders". 

Smart building consultancy

Cundall provides independent, vendor neutral smart building consultancy services.

Cundall in Poland

Cundall’s Poland brochure which highlights our services, skills, expertise and recent projects.

Back to work – Covid 19 impact assessment

This current pandemic is unlikely to be the last of its kind. Lessons we learn from it will shape the way we design and occupy buildings in the future. This document addresses how to make our buildings safer whilst highlighting further strategies to protect occupants against similar events in the future. 

Sustainability frameworks

A detailed sustainability framework is key to delivering a truly sustainable building. It is a way to organise thinking about sustainability and occupant wellbeing, as well as informing the planning, management and evaluation of a projects activities. It needs to be considered at the inception of a project with the entire team signing up to achieving it. This brochure provides information on our sustainability frameworks and how they have been used successfully on projects.

Vertical Transportation Capability Statement

Our Vertical Transportation team has extensive experience of delivering a wide range of lift consultancy and escalator consultancy services across all sectors in the UK and around the world.

Cundall ESD brochure

Our sustainability team is expanding their offering to include wide range of modelling tools applications and new methodologies. Among all, our ESD team has a complete understanding of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) which is a specialist form of simulation used to predict the solution to complex design issues.

Cundall global project guidebook 2020

Cundall's global project guidebook 2020, detailing our international experience across all sectors and services.

Security Consultancy Capability Statement

Cundall’s team of security consultants provide a comprehensive offering throughout the project lifecycle. We help our clients understand how to mitigate the real-time security threats and risks to their people and business with design, delivery and operational solutions.

Circular Economy

At Cundall we provide inspiration, ideas and technical solutions to adopt circular economy into design and construction models, saving money, natural resources and time.

Sustainable Strategy and Governance

Positioned at the forefront of sustainability in the built environment, Cundall provides professional services from business level strategy and governance through to building performance and design. This brochure provides information on our approach to sustainable strategy and governance.

Data Centre and Critical Facilities

Cundall's dedicated critical systems team works solely in the data centre field, keeping abreast of current best practice and researching breakthrough technologies that shape future trends.

Graduate brochure

Cundall’s graduates are key to our success. Our graduate brochure provides information on what to expect from our graduate programme.

Cundall in MENA

Cundall’s MENA brochure which highlights our services, skills, expertise and recent projects.



Our people sit at the very heart of what we do at Cundall. Our mission is to provide great opportunities for great people, create fantastic built environments and leave a positive legacy for our communities.

It is the knowledge and expertise of our people which helps us to do this; our commitment to recruiting and nurturing great talent is what has made us successful for the last 40 years and it remains critical to our future plans.

At Cundall, we place special importance on our early careers professionals (graduates, apprentices, interns and more), understanding that they are the future of our business and the key to our long-term, sustainable growth. 

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Cundall's expertise extends to all major markets, so we have a deep understanding of the specific issues, constraints and opportunities facing our clients' market sectors.

Our team of creative engineers draw on our accumulated knowledge to devise the best possible solutions for your project in a fully integrated and cost-effective way.

About us

Established in the UK 40 years ago, Cundall has developed into an international multi-disciplinary consultancy operating from over 20 locations across the globe.