Security Consultancy Capability Statement

Cundall’s team of security consultants provide a comprehensive offering throughout the project lifecycle. We help our clients understand how to mitigate the real-time security threats and risks to their people and business with design, delivery and operational solutions.

Circular Economy

At Cundall we provide inspiration, ideas and technical solutions to adopt circular economy into design and construction models, saving money, natural resources and time.

Sustainable Strategy and Governance

Positioned at the forefront of sustainability in the built environment, Cundall provides professional services from business level strategy and governance through to building performance and design. This brochure provides information on our approach to sustainable strategy and governance.

Waste management

As part of Cundall’s One Planet Living commitments we have pledged to achieve our own zero waste targets and can use this experiences to help projects and organisations do the same.

Sustainability rating tools

Cundall has qualified and experienced assessors for the world’s most widely used rating tools, including BREEAM, LEED and Green Star and has been offering these services for over 20 years.

Sustainability frameworks

A detailed sustainability framework is key to delivering a truly sustainable building. This brochure provides information on our sustainability frameworks and how they have been used successfully on projects.

Data Centre and Critical Facilities

Cundall's dedicated critical systems team works solely in the data centre field, keeping abreast of current best practice and researching breakthrough technologies that shape future trends.

The WELL Building Standard

Cundall is a leader in the design of the WELL Building Standard. This brochure gives a brief introduction to WELL and how we have applied it.

Graduate brochure

Cundall’s graduates are key to our success. Our graduate brochure provides information on what to expect from our graduate programme.

Scottish Project Guide

Cundall’s Scottish brochure which highlights our services, skills, expertise and recent projects is available to download.

Cundall Global Project Guidebook

Cundall's global project guidebook, detailing our international experience across all sectors and services.


Cundall CFD Modelling brochure

Cundall's sustainability team has a complete understanding of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) which is a specialist form of simulation used to predict the solution to complex design issues.

Newcastle Project Guide

Cundall’s Newcastle brochure which highlights our services, skills, expertise and recent projects is available to download.

Birmingham Project Guide

Cundall’s Birmingham brochure which highlights our services, skills, expertise and recent projects.

Cundall in Australia

Leading innovation in the built environment, Cundall takes a refreshingly positive approach to strategy, design and engineering. This brochure explains our services provided in Australia and highlights some recent experience.

Cundall Apps

Cundall Apps brochure detailing our integrated service which allows you to select the level of input your project requires for Planning service. 


One Planet Services

If you are looking for an approach to plan, deliver, communicate and mainstream sustainable development, the One Planet process can be a pathway to meet your needs. Click on the link to find out about Cundall's One Planet Services. 

Corporate Real Estate Solutions

At Cundall, we are passionate in what we do. Our designs deliver some of the most sustainable, innovative and successful workplaces around the globe. Our strong reputation is founded on exemplary service, working closely with clients to ensure that the end product is aligned to their brand, aspirations and culture.


Cundall's engineering consultancy services cover the entire life cycle of any building project. Clients find our ‘total solutions’ approach saves them time, money and effort.

We will add value to your project by opening our minds, exchanging ideas and thinking creatively.


Cundall's expertise extends to all major markets, so we have a deep understanding of the specific issues, constraints and opportunities facing our clients' market sectors.

Our team of creative engineers draw on our accumulated knowledge to devise the best possible solutions for your project in a fully integrated and cost-effective way.

About us

Established in the UK 40 years ago, Cundall has developed into an international multi-disciplinary consultancy operating from over 20 locations across the globe.