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Workshop: Challenging the sustainability myths, Adelaide, 24 September 2015

"If everyone in the world lived like an average Australian we'd need 4.8 planets to support us." GFN (2011 data)

1. Can cities survive without cement, coal and oil?
2. Are biofuels sustainable?
3. Can I harness the power of my dancing?
4. Is cheese better than chicken?
5. Do leaky building have lower energy?

Join Cundall for World Green Building Week as Nick Stokoe, Sustainability Specialist, challenges some sustainability myths.

This interactive workshop based on the One Planet Living principles will guide you through the steps that will significantly reduce our environmental impact both in terms of our personal lives and building design.

Test your own impact here and come along to discuss it.

This seminar will earn one GBCA CPD point.


Please note that this event has been cancelled, if you would like Cundall to deliver this seminar at your office please contact j.sim@cundall.com.