Watch the recordings from our global thought leadership webinars

Our first webinar series completed earlier this month and was a huge success. Thanks to all those who joined, asked questions and shared their expertise to allow our industry to continue to learn together.

If you missed any of our webinars or wanted a recap, you can find all the recordings on our YouTube channel. Details below:

Productivity Mapping
Our Sustainability Partner, Simon Wyatt, introduced this new tool which quantifies how indoor environmental quality (IEQ), such as temperature, CO2 levels and daylight supports occupant productivity and helps optimise it.

Materials selection and design: Time for Change
Lee Leston-Jones, Partner, kicked off our structures two parter with an insight into how we can integrate sustainability into structural engineering design focusing on Lifecycle Assessment of Embodied Impacts, and the principles of the Circular Economy.

Is offsite construction the future for the built environment?
As the world looks at producing buildings faster than we ever have before, Gordon Reid, Partner, discussed the benefits of offsite construction and lessons learnt from recent projects in the second instalment from the structures team.

Coworking: Evolution of the Workplace
Mike Gosling, Mechanical Associate Director and Andrew Parkin, Global Head of Acoustics, discussed the rise of coworking pre-2020 and its impact on how we have designed, built and maintained buildings that support this workplace evolution. We also discussed what impacts Covid-19 have had and how this may change the coworking sector moving forward.

Overheating in Residential
Matthew Hyden, Acoustics and Oliver Watts, Sustainability, presented an overview of the issues and outlined the causes of overheating in new residential developments. They also discussed the potential noise impacts and the mitigation measures.

Office Lighting: Health and Wellbeing
Our Director of Light4, Andrew Bissell discussed how lighting research, design and technology is being used to improve the occupants health and welling within the workplace. With the workplace now potentially, the home - how does that change what we do?

Earth Day – Covid vs Climate Change
As the world’s attention shifts from the climate crisis to the immediate health care crisis posed by Covid-19, Simon Wyatt, Sustainability Partner, discussed what short to long-term impacts this may have on the drive towards net zero carbon.

Delivering Net Zero Carbon: translating targets into actions
Alan Fogarty, Sustainability Partner, reviewed the impact this will have on building design and in particular how facades must be designed and the integration of systems. Qian Li, Cundall Specialist in embodied carbon, explored the choice of materials in buildings to minimise the whole life cycle carbon of the building. Madlen Jannaschk, Cundall ESD Specialist, summarised the choices available for offsetting residual energy after both the operational and embodied energy has been minimised.

Climate Positive: designing beyond zero
David Clark provided clarity on what a climate positive building is and identified some of the key trends that will define building design, construction and operation over the next 10 years.

Climate Change adaptation
James Spears and David Brownstein discussed the risks that climate change poses to the built environment and ways to assess and mitigate these.

Blue-Green Infrastructure
Michael Hurst looked at how nature-based solutions known as blue-green infrastructure provide benefits for developments.

We launched the second series of webinars, please see the link with instructions on how to register to these. Please send an email to Natalie Groves with any questions on our webinars. 

Webinar series two

Introducing our second global thought leadership webinar series

Our second series of global thought leadership webinars kicks off in June.

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Back to work - Covid 19 impact assessment
Knowledge hub

Back to work – Covid 19 impact assessment

This current pandemic is unlikely to be the last of its kind. Lessons we learn from it will shape the way we design and occupy buildings in the future. This document addresses how to make our buildings safer whilst highlighting further strategies to protect occupants against similar events in the future.

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Steps to Net Zero: Step 1

Steps to Net Zero: Step 1 – Passive Design Optimisation

"Everything starts with passive design optimisation. Without this, a building cannot hope to be net zero carbon." Engineer, Tavis Creswell-Wells, explores the first step to achieving Net Zero in his latest blog.

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