Walking Tall; The viability of tall buildings in Birmingham

Cundall is a co-author of the ‘Viability Analysis – Tall Residential Development in Birmingham*’ guidance document having provided the engineering design content alongside Core FiveGlenn Howells ArchitectsKnight Frank and Turley.

The Birmingham residential marketplace is currently on the path of considerable change to the skyline set to evolve dramatically over the next few years. Tall buildings play a key role in cities, acting as way finders, allowing density to increase and encouraging evolution in the experience of city centre life. However, their delivery is complex with numerous challenges to be overcome if an efficient building is to be delivered.

Industry leaders from the Birmingham region have come together to research this topic over the past six months and inform the future development of tall buildings in the region. The underlying principle of the report and its findings is that the successful design of tall buildings requires a design team that are all experienced in the work and also that adopt a truly holistic approach.

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*First posted in Building Magazine on 2 April 2020.