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Talk and Demo: How will Virtual Reality change building design? Dublin, 27 April 2017

How will Virtual Reality change building design for Architects, Developers and Engineers?

Join Cundall for an interactive talk and demonstration on the use of Virtual Reality (VR), along with thoughts on how it can transform the industry.

Brendan Dervan is delighted to introduce Andrew Parkin, Global Head of Acoustics, and Christopher (CJ) Biggs who will be demonstrating the multi-award winning Cundall Virtual Acoustic Reality® (VAR). This is a unique cutting-edge tool for both clients and design teams which is set to transform building and infrastructure design with a combination of audio-prediction modelling and gaming-quality graphics.

At the event you will experience a new way of understanding acoustics which enables valued decisions and allows you to look beyond the numbers and immerse yourself in the design.

Date: Thursday 27 April 2017
Time: 8.00am-10.30am
Venue: The Dean, 33 Harcourt Street, Dublin 2

For more information and to register your place, please contact Helen Freed, h.freed@cundall.com.