Sustainability Roadmap - One Planet, One Chance

Cundall is recognised as a leader in sustainability across the world. Yet we have so much more we can and need to do. Business as usual is no longer enough.

This Sustainability Roadmap, which identifies how we can have maximum impact using the One Planet Living Principles and the UN Sustainable Development Goal frameworks, sets out clear targets, action plans and indicators under six key impact areas:

  • Climate Positive Action
  • Zero Carbon Energy
  • Health and Wellbeing
  • Materials and Supply Chain
  • Ethics and Equity
  • Climate Adaptation

This will guide our business until 2025. We ask all of you to join us on this important journey. We only have one planet and limited time to act, this is our chance to make a positive difference.

Cundall Materiality Review
Business as usual is no longer enough, and in 2017 we embarked on a journey to create a new sustainability roadmap to increase our commitment to positive change. This started with our materiality review.

UKGBC Sustainability 360 report
In 2018, the UK Green Building Council conducted a review of their Gold Leaf members' sustainability commitments and actions, providing feedback in the form of a dashboard as to how each business is performing in comparison to their peers within the built environment.

In order to promote transparency, we have decided to share the feedback received from the UKGBC on our One Planet, One Chance roadmap, as it includes feedback both in terms of our commitments as well as next steps and areas for our consideration which may be useful to others on a leadership journey.

Please click on the links below to view the documents.