Seminar: WELL Delivered, London, 30 November 2017

Join Cundall and the Green Register in this interactive seminar on health and wellbeing in the built environment.

Providing environments which promote and enhance occupant health and wellbeing is key to a successful development. Research indicates that in healthy offices, productivity increases, absenteeism reduces, and concentration improves. This can help to attract and retain the best talent. Our panel of experts will talk about their experiences incorporating health and wellbeing into the built environment by putting employees at the heart of the designs.

Simon Wyatt, Health and Wellbeing Partner, will give an introduction and talk about the importance and benefits of designing buildings with health and wellbeing in mind. He will explain how to ensure we provide a quality of light which meets the needs of the occupants.

Noise distraction and poor acoustics are two of the biggest complaints from users of modern workspaces. Matthew Hyden, Acoustics Associate, will talk about how Cundall helps clients improve wellbeing and productivity in workspaces through good acoustic design.

Alan Fogarty, Sustainability Partner, will discuss Cundall’s experience of delivering the first project in Europe to achieve WELL Certification for One Carter Lane and integration of biophilic design into the workspace to improve connectivity with nature and increase productivity.

The talks will be followed by a tour of Cundall's London office.

Date: Thursday 30 September 2017
Time: 5-7pm
Venue: Cundall, One Carter Lane, London EC4V 5ER

Please register through the Green Register.