Residential Sprinklers - Not the panacea that some expect

Recently there has been an increasing number of parties calling for compulsory introduction of fire sprinkler systems into all types of buildings and for various reasons, not all of them entirely apparent. Fire in a domestic environment can be devastating and should be taken very seriously.

Statistically, you are more likely to die or be seriously injured in a fire in your house or flat than in any other type of building. UK Fire Statistics for 2010-2011 indicate that residential fires represent 16% of all fires attended by the fire service but 79% of all UK fire deaths occur in residential building fires.

Steve Cooper
, our Fire Engineering Partner, looks at the pros and cons of having compulsory fire sprinkler system and reviews the recent report by the Building Research Establishment on "Cost benefit analysis of residential sprinklers for Wales". Please visit the link above to download a copy of Steve's article.
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