RIBA London 2 Seminar- Greener Buildings: Common Sense, Innovation and Things to Avoid, 2nd July 2015

Cundall will be hosting a series of seminars for RIBA in 2015 on how we can deliver better greener buildings supported by case studies.

Alan Fogarty, Partner and Mariana Trusson, Senior Associate will embark on a tour of the UK RIBA offices and will be speaking on the following topics:

Energy reduction: real energy not EPC rating

Explaining why design calculations for building energy performance do not translate into ‘real energy reduction’ and in fact can result in an increase in carbon emissions. We will look at design energy predictions versus real energy performance and consider what this means for BREEAM, planning carbon reduction targets, carbon life cycle analysis and building regulations.

Renewable energy: what actually works on buildings

Are all technologies really reducing carbon emissions? Which technologies are practical? When are they viable and what measures need to be designed into the building to receive them?

Building fabric: design from the inside out

Key considerations when designing a building envelope are daylighting, comfort and energy efficiency.  This is in conjunction with many other considerations including maintenance but, to deliver these to the latest standards for daylighting and thermal comfort means that the traditional approaches to building design such as tall ceilings needs to be revisited. How do these issues impact on energy and is getting the orientation right, if there is a choice, really going to impact significantly on the energy consumption?

Water: conservation, pollution and flooding

With predictions of more erratic weather conditions as a result of climate change, developments need to consider how water can be conserved both in volume and in quality whilst also protecting them from flooding.  The impact of these contrasting issues on building design will be discussed and examples shown of how mitigating strategies can be integrated.


Date: 2nd July 2015
Time: 10.00am- 12.30pm
Venue:  Vitra Showroom, 30 Clerkenwell Rd, London EC1M 5PG

If you cannot attend the London 2 event then check out the other locations listed below:

19-Feb: Cambridge
19-Mar: Crawley
15-Apr: Manchester
16-Apr: Liverpool
29-Apr: Reading
07-May: Chelmsford
12-May: London1
14-May: Bath
04-Jun: Birmingham
09-Jun: Exeter
17-Jun: Leeds
24-Jun: Nottingham
09-Jul: Gateshead 

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