Guest speaker: Symulacje 2019, Katowice, 10-12 April 2019

Wojtek Stec, Director and office lead in Poland, and Michal Wojcik, Engineer from our Warsaw office, will be speaking at the Symulacje 2019 conference taking place from the 10-12 April 2019 in Katowice, Poland.

The conference will concentrate on application of computational fluid dynamic (CFD) tools in various industries. It will also focus on the new developments in CFD with regards to tools and approach. 

On Friday 12 April, Wojtek and Michal will be talking about the application of CFD in building services giving a viewpoint from the construction industry. Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) is a specialist form of simulation used to predict the solution to complex design issues. This methodology is particularly suited to assessing the performance of buildings and their impact on their surroundings. A key difference between CFD and other simulation tools is its ability to predict the energy flow and air movement in response to temperature and geometry at each point under consideration. This allows the performance of buildings to be assessed in terms of air flow around objects, air flow through buoyancy or distribution patterns within a space. Please click here to find out more about our CFD capability.

Date: Friday 12 April 2019
Time: 10.00
Venue: Hotel Courtyard, ul. Uniwersytecka 13, KATOWICE

Our Warsaw office just moved, to find out more about the move and our offices in Poland please click here.