Guest Speaker: Institute of Lighting Professionals, Manchester, 18 January 2018

Andrew Bissell, Director of Light4, will be speaking at the Institute of Lighting Professional (ILP) Joint Young Lighting Professional (YLP) and Northern Regional Technical Meeting on 18 January 2018 at the Etihad Stadium, Manchester.

Andrew and Tim Ashley from Studio Tech will talk about NOMA Earth Tubes - Integrating bespoke animations and lighting effects into a functional buildings air intake and natural ventilation system, transforming them into a standout Light Art installation for Manchester.

Session details
Date: 18 January 2018
Time: 11.00 – 11.40
Subject: Technical Paper 1 – Norma Earth Tubes
Venue: Etihad Stadium, 318 Ashton New Road, Manchester M11 3FF

Full programme
10.20 – 10.55 Registration
10.55 – 11.00 Introductions and Welcome from the Chairman
11.00 – 11.40 Technical Paper 1 – Norma Earth Tubes
11.40 – 12.20 Technical Paper 2 – Street Lights and EV Charging
12.20 – 12.30 Q and A session
12.30 – 13.10 Lunch
13.10 – 13.40 Regional briefing
13.10 – 14.10 Technical Paper 3 – Street Lighting & the Integration of a Smart City Environment
14.10 – 14.50 Technical Paper 4 – Copenhagen Smart City Living Lab
14.50 – 15.00 Q and A session

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