Guest Speaker: Build2Perform Live, London, 21-22 November 2017

Simon Wyatt, Sustainability Partner, will be speaking at the Build2Perform Live on 22 November 2017 at London’s Olympia.

Build2Perform Live is the most significant two-day interactive event dedicated to helping built environment professionals and the wider supply chain improve efficiency and save money through effective building services.

Simon and a guest speaker will discuss air quality and what can building services engineers do to improve it.

Session details
Date: 21 November 2017
Time: 14.15 - 14.50
Subject: TH1 What is wellbeing?
Venue: Olympia London, Hammersmith Road, Kensington, W14 8UX

How can we define wellbeing? And if it can be defined, how can we measure it in a meaningful way? What do we mean by wellbeing in the context of building performance?

  • AQ, ventilation, water quality and availability, electromagnetic effects, acoustic environment, humidity, lighting
  • Quantifying productivity, quantifying design calculations in revenue terms
  • Combining PMV & daylight factor

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Alan Fogarty and Andrew Bissell will also be speaking at this event, for more information, please see more info on WC2 Air quality: what can building services engineers do to improve air quality?
and TA2 How to design for user wellbeing: design, innovation & controls.