Guest Speaker: BEC Property & Construction Working Group, Hong Kong, 6 June 2018

Jonathan Yau, Associate Director in Hong Kong will be speaking at the Business Environment Council (‘BEC’) Low Carbon Hong Kong: Supporting Business to Set Targets, Property & Construction Working Group on 6 June 2018.

The workshop initiative is to encourage businesses to set targets and strategies aligned with the Paris Agreement and to work through issues they may encounter. An element of this initiative is engaging members of this sector through a working group supported by a series of workshops.

This workshop will focus on property management and retrofit in existing buildings. Cundall has helped BEC to develop ‘Energy Efficient Retrofits Guide and Calculator’ which offers building owners, manages and tenants information to support their decisions in retrofitting exiting buildings. Jonathan will explain key technologies that can most significantly, and cost effectively reduce building energy usage, drawing on the ‘Energy Efficient Retrofits Guide and Calculator’

If you would like more information on how to manage and reduce your energy consumption, please contact Jonathan Yau.

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Zero Carbon Challenge House

Winner of the Zero Carbon Challenge - Australia’s first zero carbon sustainable house competition. Cundall was part of the local Adelaide consortium, Collaborative Future, who are now bringing their concept to life.

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Cundall is delighted to join the Hong Kong Zero Carbon Partnership

Cundall is delighted to join the Hong Kong Zero Carbon Partnership

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Cundall Team Win Zero Carbon Challenge

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