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Event: ICE Climate change and Sustainability, London, 4 March 2020

Held on the inaugural World Engineering Day for Sustainable Development, ICE London and Cundall are hosting an evening lecture at Cundall’s central London WELL Building Standard office.

Judith Sykes, Director, Expedition and Former Chair, ICE Sustainability Leadership Team will give an overview of the ICE initiatives which focus on climate action and reducing carbon. Judith will provide an update on the Sustainability Route Map, launched last year to enable engineers to better engage with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and demonstrate the impact of engineering projects; as well as the ICE State of the Nation 2020 report on Infrastructure and the Net-Zero Target.

Lee Leston-Jones, Partner, will provide an introduction to industry drivers for low carbon design with a focus on the impact of embodied carbon. Cundall have been developing tools linking embodied carbon assessments directly within their BIM models to inform design decisions, driving down the whole life carbon footprint of their designs. They will share lessons from this, along with an introduction to the work they have been involved in nationally and internationally setting the agenda for the reduction in embodied carbon in the delivery of buildings and infrastructure projects.

James Spears, Principal Engineer, will provide an overview on the research Cundall have undertaken on Climate resilience, and potential impact of different emission scenarios on future climate patterns and design parameters. They will outline their strategy for incorporating resilience into decision making, to protect investment in infrastructure and embed adaptability in their designs.

The event will finish with a tour of Cundall's London office, which has been designed with the WELL Building Standard® at its core, by Simon Wyatt, Partner.