Economic benefits of the reallocation of space

Ryder's Cathy Russell, and Cundall's Neil McAlpine and Graeme Low, discuss urban design and transportation working together to save the high street.

For many years successive governments have purported to have active travel and public transport at the centre of their transportation policies. These policies sought to generate environmental benefits but were also aimed to help revive local high streets, leisure opportunities and in general create an improved, vibrant community atmosphere. Many of these policies have led to significant investment in public realm
schemes but this still lags far behind the investment spent on supporting the needs of vehicles.



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Webinar: Active Travel and the benefits of reallocation of public space, 1 July

The current Covid-19 crisis has led to many governments around the globe supporting policies with increased funding for active travel and regeneration strategies including reallocating road space away from the private vehicle and creating open areas to ensure social distancing can happen. 

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Webinar: Blue-green infrastructure, 24 June 2020

As the sustainable development agenda develops, it is becoming more apparent that mimicking natural systems will be key to achieving such goals.

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Webinar: Returning to work post COVID, 18 May 2020

A two-part webinar on getting back to work post Covid. The second part will focus on how we adapt our office space to ensure the health and wellbeing of staff when lockdown restrictions are lifted. 

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