Conference: Green Cities 2015, Melbourne, 17-19 March 2015

David Clark presented at this year's Green Cities Conference in Melbourne. He presented findings from his 'What Colour is Your Building' book as part of the Upgrade for Uplift – Retrofitting our cities session.

Green Cities 2015

Connect at Green Cities 2015. Hear from world-leading thought leaders as they share how to build, shape and create sustainable cities. Get up close and personal with the latest green building innovations and learn the tools, tactics and techniques to construct a greener built environment. 

17-19 March 2015, Melbourne. 

What Colour is Your building?

'What Colour is Your Building?' by David Clark was published in 2013 by RIBA Publishing and is available to purchase from RIBA Bookshops, Amazon and other technical booksellers.

In his foreword, Sir David King, the UK Foreign Secretary’s Special Representative for Climate Change, states that the book ‘has a key role to play in the development of a new approach to sustainable urban environments’ and ‘challenges all those involved in the built environment – policy makers, planners, designers, builders, managers and occupants – to focus on the issues that make a difference.’

It has received widespread acclaim as an accessible and practical guide to reducing energy consumption and CO2 emissions in buildings.

'Investing in green buildings can not only reduce carbon emissions and cut costs, but create jobs and revitalise entire communities and cities. With practical information, real world data and case studies, David's book is a valuable contribution to the growing body of knowledge about green building, and will help the global property and construction industry's transition to a more sustainable future.'
Romilly Madew, Chief Executive of Green Building Council of Australia

A free 30 minute summary can be downloaded here.